Yoga can be taught one to one, in small groups of friends, online or in your workplace.


Lots of people like to learn and practice yoga one to one. This gives us the freedom to tailor the sessions to suit you.


There are many reasons why learning one to one might appeal to you, here's just a few of the thousands of reasons you might want to try a one to one:

​You are new to Yoga and want an introductory session.

To help you build some sequences for a home practice.

To help you adapt your practice when managing or rehabbing from injury.

To focus on your alignment.

To learn a challenging new posture such as handstand or headstand.

To try a different style of Yoga.

...and many many more..

Prices (includes equipment).

£45 for 1 hr.
£55 for 1 hr 30 mins.

If you have any questions or you're interested in booking a One to One click the button below to send me an email (  Together we will work out an appropriate time slot and location. One to Ones are available within Greater Manchester and the surrounding area.


It can be super rewarding to grab a few friends or family members and book in for some private Yoga sessions. We can work together to get what you want out of the sessions and you can practice alongside trusted loved ones.

Prices (Small groups - up to 5 people) (includes equipment).

£45 for 1 hr. 
£55 for 1 hr 30 mins.

If you have a larger group or if you want to practice with a group of friends on a special day such as a hen do/stag do, a wedding day morning or a birthday I'd love to help. I can also bring group Yoga into your workplace or to a largr event you are organising. Drop me an email and we work out the arrangements.

Prices (Private event - more than 5 people) (includes equipment).

£45 for 1 hr + £1 per additional person after 5 people up to 20 people.
£55 for 1 hr 30 mins + £1 per additional person after 5 people up to 20 people.

If you have any questions or you're interested in booking a Private Group Session click the button below to send me an email (  Together we will work out an appropriate time slot and location. Sessions are available within Greater Manchester and the surrounding area. If you have a group larger than 20 lets chat to work out a package for you.




Here you can join in my regular classes (usually at The Depot Climbing Manchester) from your own home ​so we can still move together during this time.


How it works

I'm going to host the classes via Zoom and I want them to be as much like our normal classes as possible. For this reason the classes will be for a maximum of 12 participants. This is so I can have you in gallery view and I'm able to see everybody participating. I'll do my very best to check in with you and to offer alignment cues where I can. We'll be working on awareness, strength, flexibility, balance and coordination with a view to complimenting our climbing. 



£5 for 1 hr class (Per household).


Note for those who have lost their income.

I understand the hit many of us have taken to our income right now and if you're out of work for the foreseeable future I still want you to be able to come to class.
So, if you have lost your income as a result of Covid-19, please enter the coupon code 'LostIncome' on the booking form. This will reduce the cost of the class to £0.

Accessing the class

When you book you will receive a zoom link via email to join the class. You can enter the room from 6.55pm.

If there's something you wish me to know before we practice together or for any questions at all.
Drop me an email to


I am now offering One-To-One sessions via Skype or Zoom.


For these sessions you don't need any special equipment and you just need enough space for 1 yoga mat per person.
Don't worry at all if you don't have an actual mat we can work around this! 

I'll be able to see you and hear you so I can check in and offer alignment cues and encouragement. I'm aiming to keep these sessions fun and interactive just as they would be in real life. The sessions can be tailored to suit your needs and to meet you where you are each time we come together. This is great opportunity to really tailor your yoga practice to your body, your interests and to support your well being during this time of staying at home.


£35 for 1 hr. (Per household) (Free 15 minute consultation chat before your first session).
£45 for 1 hr 30 mins.

If you're interest in booking a session you can choose and request a time slot by following the link below.
If you have questions drop me an email to

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